I fell in love with videography because the enjoyment of creating everlasting memories fills me up with excitement. Motion art has a way of making you see the world in awe and that is why I chose to pursue this path when I moved to San Francisco from the Santa Rosa Valley. I love to travel and play sports and I used to coach youth basketball all around the South Bay Area as well as in Italy! My experience traveling and coaching has made me humbled and inspired. I hope to continue to spread positivity and to inspire others to chase after their passions. When it comes to documenting a couple, I utilize my experience of traveling the world and of my art, to organically document their love and their story.



I have always felt so blessed and grateful for my family, friends and all of the opportunities that I have been gifted in life. I love that photography and videography has opened up doors in my mind to exploring this world and seeing people for who they truly are. Before I became a photographer, I worked in education and with the community in the Bay Area. The diverseness of San Francisco has taught me to appreciate the various cultural differences that city living has to offer. Living in a city known for its amazing cuisine, I also love to eat everything! I have a Fiancé that I can’t wait to marry and a wild dog named, Kona. I love the organic moments that unfold in front of me as these are the most memorable which strongly influence the way I shoot as a cinematographer.



I love capturing the raw, real emotions that our clients share between one another. My main focus is to see the love that our couples share and to not only tell their story but to bring their feelings to life in motion. I strongly believe that quality through video and audio is just as important as the story that is being told. I am always eager to make the moments that are shared between two people, that I see behind my lens, become everlasting. I strive to create from our clients stories, making the best wedding films imaginable for our couples!




I am a photographer based in the Bay Area of California. My photography reflects the way I see the world, from the most minuscule details to the grandest splendors, and from sweet, candid moments to aesthetically directed captures.

To me, photography is a way I pursue and share beauty in the world, in addition to music and human relationships. When I'm not doing photography, I am a speech-language pathology graduate student, musician, singer, avid reader, language lover (I'm fluent in three!), or possibly away traveling the world!



I first picked up a DSLR camera when I was 14. I developed my first roll of film in the darkroom and it was love.

I went on to study film photography and digital communications at Sonoma State University. Since then, I have always found ways to incorporate photography into my life and now I get to bring my passion to you! I love the challenge of capturing candid and heartfelt moments! I love people and I love telling their story through my lens.

I would say that I am strongest at lifestyle, photojournalism and candid style photography. However, I also love creating editorial and portrait style photographs that convey strength and emotion. My goal for my clients is to leave them feeling happy, excited and confident that I have captured moments that they will cherish forever.

When I’m not taking photos, I love hanging out with friends and family or running and hiking in the Redwoods with my dog, Libby. I am a lover of board-games, cute downtown scenes, Sauvignon Blanc and HGTV Design Shows. I love, love, love (did I say love?) traveling, and the anticipation of a good adventure; in fact, airports are one of my favorite places to be.  I feel strongly that life is about the journey, not the destination.



Originally from Berlin, Germany, I was influenced by various great artists. My interest in photography especially blossomed after working for and with Britt Arnett of The Argus Image. Britt personally trained me from the ground up for over three years and I have continued to develop my skills in order to be in-sync with her brand and vision. 

My style is very organic, with a focus on the natural, candid moments that unfold before me.

My biggest inspiration is my daughter, Stella Rose. I love documenting families, babies, and weddings because I know first hand, being a mother myself, that time is fleeting and having images of these particularly priceless moments are precious to all involved.

This is truly why I became a photographer, it allows one to honestly capture what we hold closest to our hearts and freeze these moments not only for our lifetime but for the generations to come after us.

I am fluent in German and in English and good Elderflower martini is the way to my heart! You can catch me at a 5 am Orange Theory Fitness class almost daily and above all, being a mom is my favorite thing in this world.



My father first introduced me to photography when I was eight years old. However, it had taken quite some time until I was completely enamored with the camera’s ability to capture slices of time and emotions. Once it struck me, I never looked back. My approach to wedding photography is a combination of documentary and fine art. Influenced by a mix of moments, emotion, scenery, light and color – all of which are powerful tools for me. My experience in photography is extensive and so is my history with travel and the exploration of the beautiful world in which we live.

Originally from Europe, I moved to the East Coast where I continued my work in wedding photography. Where Europe sparked my passion, Florida expanded it and when I recently moved to California, it hands down became my favorite place to photograph. I fell in love with the weather, the land, the people and the diverse culture of California. All of these elements have made me feel at home.

I am a husband and a father and they’re my world. When I am not taking pictures, most of the time you can find me hiking, playing tennis, catching up on my favorite book or hanging out with my family and friends.

I have been featured for over six years in some of the world’s top wedding blogs and magazine’s. Which I like to think of being examples of my passion and the love I have for photographing fleeting moments.

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I love being a wedding photographer! Telling your story with creativity, grace, and fun is my way of documenting this momentous occasion in your life.

Born and raised in Orange County, my first few years in photography were spent in action sports and in documenting families. It wasn’t until my own wedding, that I decided to dive into the amazing world of wedding photography. There is nothing better than capturing the love between two people. I continually pursue a sense of defiance and fortitude in my art, while capturing who you are, the real you.

With a heavy background in photojournalism, as well as having received training in the art of posing people from one of the top wedding photographers in the US and in Canada, I can organically capture the authentic moments and all the while adding a cinematic touch to my work.

I don’t want you to simply remember your wedding day, I want you to relive it! I am a husband of 9 years, father of two for 6 years and I have a love for my profession that has been unwavering for over 10 years.