Serene Waimanalo Hawaiian Beach Elopement | Angel + Belinda

When I met Angel I was sixteen years old. Which was a long time ago folks! Even though we had not spoken for some time (Her living in Oklahoma and me in California) we always remained good friends. Angel got in touch shortly after her engagement to Belinda. I think what makes me the happiest is that as soon as I met Belinda, I could tell that this was Angel's true love. It was like she finally found her other half and I think the same goes for Belinda as well.

When Angel told me of her engagement I was over the moon! Even more so that she thought of me to document her wedding day. I felt honored. I got to Skype with her and Belinda before our departure for their Hawaiian wedding and I remember getting off of that call feeling so happy that Angel found someone like Belinda. My husband and I packed our bags and we were off to Oahu to celebrate and document their amazing elopement on Waimanalo beach.

We met with them the morning of their wedding day and we all went on an adventure together around the Windward coast getting the most beautiful photos. I had the opportunity to capture these moments on both digital and on medium format, which I love using. It was such a treat to experience this all together and to be able to really share in their love story in such a beautiful and serene place.

During the ceremony, it was just the four of us plus the officiant of A Rainbow in Paradise Weddings and their ukulele player. My husband live-streamed the ceremony on Facebook as I photographed it. The Hawaiian traditions were incredibly beautiful to witness and made their ceremony unique and amazing. It was simple and it was beautiful.

I am so happy for my friend Angel and my new friend Belinda as they embark on this journey together. Congratulations you two!

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