Life is Beautiful


Life is a mixture of things both good and bad. It is often filled with sadness, hardship, loss and an abundance of other negative experiences that can make it hard sometimes to push through and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

However, life is also filled with an abundance of amazing things such as, laughter, love, friends, family, gratitude and blissful moments.

My tagline, "Life Is Beautiful" came to me because of all of the above. Even through the difficulties that life throws at you, it is nonetheless beautiful.

This is what drew me to photography, because documenting life and telling the stories that people have to share, in a visual narrative, is something that I think is a wonderful thing.

I have always had a childish sense of wonderment and a thirst for adventure and I prefer to document the more positive aspects of life. Through my travels and through my photography, I have been able to document the beauty that this world beholds. This fills me with happiness on a daily basis.

The sole reason I am a photographer, is to see the beauty. Being constantly captivated by our world.

Life is beautiful. Go capture the beauty and never let go.

xx Britt