Review | Black Rapid Yeti Camera Strap

Finding the right camera strap can be harder than you may think. I went through the standard Canon strap that came with my camera, to the leather Holdfast strap, to finally my all time favorite strap, the Yeti by Black Rapid.

I loved my holdfast strap but for shooting weddings, I found it a little too clunky and loud during the ceremony. Since I pretty much always have two cameras on me during a ceremony, I wanted something that was quiet and took off a lot of the camera weight from my body.

The Yeti is also wonderful when I am shooting wildlife and landscape photography or destination weddings. You can remove the double strap to make it a single, add or remove length and above all, it is INCREDIBLY comfortable.

The Yeti has a grip underside on the shoulder pad which makes it stay in place and another feature which I love are its adjustable tabs. With these tabs, I can keep my camera in place and control how much slack I want in front and behind my camera. This feature gives me the ultimate amount of control I need for each shoot no matter what I am taking photos of.

Lastly, I love the way the Yeti secures my camera. I know that no matter how much I am moving around and no matter the terrain, that my camera is safe and secure.

The Yeti by Black Rapid has been a game changer and I never go anywhere without it.

I hope you find this useful for your next shoot so that you’re not only shooting comfortably but confidently.

xx Britt

***UPDATE: Just learned the Yeti is discontinued BUT this is a great NEW strap of theirs very similar to the Yeti.

Time for an upgrade? I think maybe! Find it here!

Video shot and edited by: Jairo Brito