The Importance of Teamwork


If someone were to ask me, "What is the one thing that has helped you get to where you are now?” my response would be an easy one, teamwork.

All too often, we take on more than we can handle as entrepreneurs. We wear ALL the hats, we work crazy hours and most of the time, it is incredibly hard for us to give up control. My business is my baby, it is my passion. I have put so much time into growing my brand, so many tears into it, so many ups and downs and still, it fills me up and gives me a purpose that I never thought possible. However, when it comes to letting others in and trusting another person with these responsibilities, it has always made me feel uneasy. That was at least until last October, when I found Kate!

Not very long ago, I read a blog by the incredible Jenna Kutcher. This blog changed my life and my business. She wrote a blog on how she hired a virtual assistant and as soon as I read it, I knew what I had to do and I knew what my business needed and that was having a reliable team.

I immediately reached out to her VA, Caitlyn Jeffery. Caitlyn thankfully took me on as a client and this is when the paradigm of when my business shifted into more than I could have ever hoped for.

Eventually, Caitlyn split off to work exclusively with Jenna and Caitlyn’s business partner, Kate Quin, took over the business. Kate and I have been working together for many months now. She has become such an integral part of how I run my business and in helping it grow and run smoothly. She is my right hand gal and I feel so incredibly fortunate to have her beside me as I grow The Argus Image.

There are not enough ways to express my gratitude for Kate. She has worked day in and day out with me to get my business where I have always wanted it to be. The best part? I FINALLY have time to pursue the aspects of photography I have been trying to break into for years. Not only that, I finally have that work-life balance I have been longing for... for such a long time.

You know that feeling, the one you hear people talking about, when everything is in order, when you can breath and feel relaxed? No? Yeah, I didn’t either until Kate came into my life.

Currently, I am in Iceland. Since I have been away, I have had Kate be in control of The Argus Image. It has been such a relief to know my business is in good hands and that I do not have to worry, get distracted and that I can actually enjoy my time away from home.

For so long I would have this feeling that if I took a rest period, or time for myself, that it would all fall apart. I cannot tell you what a relief it has been to have someone take on these challenges for me and to know without a doubt, that I always have someone looking out for my business. Plus, she is a rockin' girlboss as well and she gets it. She knows the struggle and she understands better than anyone what it takes!

So, fellow entrepreneurs, if you have been finding yourself feeling overwhelmed, overworked and in need of help, I encourage you to hire yourself a virtual assistant or someone who can help you and be your backbone while you focus on other things. You know, like the actual work you're passionate about!

See more about Kate here:

You got this!

xx Britt