How to Load a Medium Format Camera

Hey guys!

Today on YouTube I have posted a video on how to load a medium format camera. I know many photographers who, like myself, learned with film such as with a 35mm camera but who now shoot primarily digitally.

There is something very rewarding and very raw about using film. Which is why I want to share the first steps with you for when you get your first medium format camera. I encourage everyone who wants to be a professional photographer to use film, at least at some point, as it will only enhance your craft.

I love using medium format and I think once you experience it, you will too!

Here are the first steps on your journey to medium format!  You can see the video here:

Here is the step by step guide that I speak about in the video for reference.

  • Place the empty spool in the spool slot.
  • Unfold the film flap and place it in the film slot.
  • Wrap the film behind the plate and put the top of the flap through the empty spool.
  • Tightly begin to wrap the film roll around the spool until you see the start line appear on the film roll and it lines up with the arrows.
  • Remove the metal plate from the center of the camera between the camera body and the loading department.
  • Place the entire canister back into the camera with the numbers facing you. For example, so you can read the 645 looking at the camera and not upside down.
  • Place the metal plate in the back slot of the loading department so that it is not in between the camera and loading department anymore and you are ready to shoot!
  • Note: You can put this back in front of the loading department when you do not wish to shoot at anytime.
    Camera: Mamiya 645
    Film: Kodak Portra 800