Moroccan Inspired Coastal Beach Wedding | Megan + Robert


Megan and Robert are two incredibly strong and beautiful individuals. There are not enough ways that I could possibly put into words just how amazing they are.  First of all, Megan and Robert literally created and planned their entire wedding themselves with the help of friends, family and their day of coordinator.

They didn’t just plan what goes where and what they would like to have in their wedding, such as choosing flowers, color schemes and decor. Nope, they built and decided on everything. They went to the fashion district themselves to purchase linens, literally EVERY aspect of their wedding was created by them.  I would like to emphasize on their strength for a second. Robert suffers from a chronic and very painful condition called, Colitis. However, there is not enough public knowledge about this chronic condition. It is painful. It is life altering and it affects more people than you could imagine.

As someone who suffered from a chronic condition, albeit, mine does not compare to those suffering from Colitis but for a very long time I was in and out of the hospital, going through this or that treatment and it never seemed to end. This went on for years. I have Interstitial Cystitis which is another unknown but common pain condition that many women (and men) suffer from. I finally have found ways to minimize its hold on me but it still sometimes rears its hideous face.

Knowing what it’s like to have people not quite understand what I was going through, my heart goes out to these two and the struggles they have faced. Sometimes just having others simply understand your pain can give you the relief of not having to explain it over and over, to not have to feel alone.

Here you can donate to CCFA to support Robert on his walk for the awareness and treatment of those suffering with Colitis as well as with Chron's Disease.  Let's help all of those who are suffering from this condition together! Your support and even awareness will make an impact in the hearts of those going through this continual struggle.

Now back to their story and their amazing wedding….

Robert works in construction and him and his dad built their light fixtures and sewed every piece of fabric. Robert and Megan made every sign and every detail come to life. Normally, DIY weddings can tend to be a bit minimal. Not theirs! I was seriously blown away by how beautiful it was. I had no idea what I was in store for, I was beyond impressed. Beyond!

They had a Moroccan theme of beautiful metallic, white and teal accents with gorgeous bougainvillea floral arrangements. Even down to their wedding invitations made by Megan and inspired by their favorite surf artist from Encinitas, Andy Davis, every detail was gorgeous and so incredibly executed.  As two surfers and lovers of adventure (As am I) we instantly clicked. I am thankful for having been honored to document their day and to now be able to call them friends (As we will be hitting the waves soon guys!).

How did all of this wedding magic begin? Well, Megan and Robert went to Catalina Island for Megan’s birthday in January, 2016.  They hiked to the top of the mountain and laid out a blanket, taking in the beautiful views of the Pacific ocean. If you have ever been to Catalina, then you understand its incredible beauty.  Robert started reminiscing about their relationship and kind of attempting to hint at something. Meanwhile, (as us gals tend to do) Megan kept interrupting him. 

He finally looked at her and said, “Well, what do you think?” and she still didn’t get it. In an attempt to be more straightforward with his attempted hints he finally said, “Well, what do you think? Do you want to marry me?” and all the while, Megan was eating a pb&j sandwich whilst drinking a Modelo beer. She took a pause and said, “Yes!”.

When I heard this, it was so fitting to their nature as individuals and as a couple, which is what I love most about it. They truly love one another and are two people who I think have embraced what is important in life; each other, family, experiences, friendship and living life in the now, not letting anything pass them by.

Everyone could take a page out of Megan and Robert’s book. Everyone. They are pure hearted, beautiful people. I have so much admiration for these two as people and as a couple. When people say ‘couple goals’ this is what they mean.

To their day of coordinator, my second shooter Jessica (Who rocks by the way!), their incredible team of friends and family and to the other vendors that made this wedding come to life, thank you. You made magic a reality for a day.

"The cure for anything is salt water. Sweat, tears, or the sea." - Isak Dinesen


Dress: Free People
Venue: El Capitan Sate Beach
Second Shooter: Jessica Swaner Photography
Day of Coordinator: Love Sweet Love
Table Rentals: Santa Ynez Elite Party Rentals
Food Catering: Super Cucas
Porta Loo Rental: Knight's Plumbing
Photographer: The Argus Image