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How to Get Your Work Published

Hey fellow photographers! I wanted to do a post today on getting your work published and share my insights that have helped me get published in many distinguished blogs and magazines.

It can be intimidating to submit your work and this is especially true after you have received rejection after rejection. Let's be honest, it can become a bit disheartening. The one thing you have to remember is to not give up and to keep trying. Here are a few pointers to help you get there....

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The Importance of Teamwork

All too often, we take on more than we can handle as entrepreneurs. We wear ALL the hats, we work crazy hours and most of the time, it is incredibly hard for us to give up control. My business is my baby, it is my passion. I have put so much time into growing my brand, so many tears into it, so many ups and downs and still, it fills me up and gives me a purpose that I never thought possible.

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For the Dreamer in all of Us

If you have been following me then you know that I am a photographer and entrepreneur. However, there are a few things you may not know about me. Things like how I can be super awkward (More often than I like to admit!) and that I have three dogs. Well, only two are mine but we have three living in our home. This means I am also used to cleaning up copious amounts of dog hair on the regular.

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