Email Templates

Email Templates


This 16 page E-Mail Template booklet provides everything you need as a wedding photographer to conquer your correspondence and save you from hours of being stuck writing countless emails. Get back the time you need to run your business and communicate better with your clients and potential clients.

In the E-mail Templates you will get the following:

  • Response to inquiry

  • After your initial e-mail

  • Once your client books you

  • When you have not heard back from an inquiry

  • When two people want the same date

  • Introductory e-mail for working with a new coordinator

  • Introductory e-mail when working with a coordinator you previously worked with.

  • Publication submission request to client

  • Submission Questionnaire: Weddings

  • Submission Questionnaire: Engagements

  • Check in e-mail: One Week Before the wedding

  • Post Wedding E-mail: Client

  • Post wedding e-mail: Coordinator

  • When the photos are ready: Client (This includes social media guidelines and Photo Credit Guidelines)

  • When Photos are ready: Vendors (This includes social media guidelines and Photo Credit Guidelines)

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