Wedding Photographer Agreement

Wedding Photographer Agreement


Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I wish I had that in my contract?” after something happened (Like not being fed in a timely fashion) or after something happening to another vendor? Yeah, us too my friends.  

In this 7 page, 13 section wedding day contract, you will you will have the knowledge from experienced wedding photographer’s and the key elements at your disposal to use as your contract or to use as a guide in creating your own. This is the contract we use at The Argus Image and we want to share it with you in hopes it helps you as it has helped us.

We have experienced so much in our years of photographing weddings that now we have an extensive contract to always protect ourselves and our clients.

We encourage you to always update your contracts bi-annually or annually.

In this wedding Photography Contract you will find the following:

  • Contact information

  • Package Information

  • Invoice & Scheduling

  • Albums & Extras

  • Exclusivity, copyrights and Personal Usage Agreement

  • Requested Photographs

  • Liability

  • Emergencies

  • Attendance & Cancellation Policy

  • Travel

  • Model Release

  • Etiquette and Expectations

  • Amendments

  • Finalization

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