Wedding Day Shot List

Wedding Day Shot List


Every wedding photographer has their own method in how they approach documenting each wedding that they shoot. Having a clear shot list (Especially when starting out) will become an essential tool for how you photograph your weddings moving forward. Eventually, this will become second nature but until that point, utilize this guide to help ensure that you never miss an important moment or detail and are able to take creative images with confidence!

In the Wedding Day Shot List you will find the following:

The details

  • For the ladies

  • For the gents

  • The Ceremony

  • Cocktail Hour

  • The Reception

Getting Ready Photos

  • The Ladies

  • The Gents

The Bridal Party

  • Bridesmaids

  • Groomsmen

Bridal Party Group Photos

  • The First Look

  • The Ceremony

  • The Reception

The First Look

  • Essential shots for the First Look

The Ceremony

  • From the important details, to the crowd, to the people.

The Reception

  • From each event, to the couple, their friends, their family and guests. As well as every important detail from decor to food.

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